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How it works

Created by the publisher Spribe, mines has an intuitive gameplay. It is often compared by players to the game of the deminer. You will be able to play a real casino deminer. Whether you are a novice or a veteran of machine games, you have the opportunity to win money while having fun on the casino mines games. The elements are hidden by each of the tiles in the grid. These elements can be a star or a mine.

Once you have made your deposit, you will have to reveal as many stars as possible in order to increase your prize pool. If you land on a mine, you lose your winnings and the game ends. It is up to the player to select a number of mines to be used as obstacles. Only the player’s boldness and prediction will allow him to leave with important winnings if he succeeds in revealing the numerous hidden stars while thwarting the multitude of mines.

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Casinozer opinion

Thanks to our extensive experience with online casinos, we have a knack for finding the best ones. Casinozer is one of the best casinos you can go to if you want to combine security, gambling and fun. So we give you a pretty strong opinion about it. The site is very reliable and you can play the mine game for free. You don’t have to worry about your winnings, as they are quickly paid out. Casinozer also knows how to please its newcomers by offering them welcome offers.

New registrants have the opportunity to choose a bonus on their first deposit. A bonus of up to €1500 and 100 free spins. They can also choose a clearing bonus worth €50 which they will receive when they lose a sports bet. Players will also receive other types of bonuses on different days. You can also easily reach the casinozer live support if you encounter a problem on the casino site. Contact them directly by chat or phone call.


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How the game is played

Before starting a game of money mines you have the possibility to adjust the settings to make the game a little more difficult. The 25 squares of the grid automatically provide for the random arrangement of 3 mines and 22 stars. You can also choose your starting bet, without exceeding 100 euros on the silver mines game. Keep in mind that by placing more mines on your grid, you will have a better chance of increasing your bonus and winnings if you reveal a star.

On the left hand side of the screen the player can make all the settings and then start playing the mines game. If it is your first time and you are having difficulties, you have the possibility to follow the progress with the automatic game that the computer can generate. To start your game, simply press the “bet” button. You will then have to select the squares that inspire you, hoping to fall on stars, because if you happen to fall on a mine, it would be the end of your game.

Free mode

The player has the possibility to play the Silver Mines game for free. To do this, you can start the demo mode, which is available at all online casinos. Remember that in this mode, you will not leave with any real winnings. This has the advantage of allowing you to play and familiarize yourself with the game without taking out any money.


To prove the reliability of the concepts, the Provably-fair system has been implemented by the publishers Spribe. This is an innovative technology for casinos that offers the possibility to evaluate that a game is not rigged. This anti-cheating system is based on encrypted values. This data chain cannot be broken and the casino games cannot be altered by the machine. You will be pleased to know that the games at mines casino are so reliable. Players can play one or more different games without worrying about security and still enjoy the challenge.

Advantages & disadvantages

In the table above, we present you with the advantages and disadvantages of the mine games.

Publisher Spribe

Eastern European-based Spribe Games is the company behind the Casinozer mine game. It was founded in 2019 and despite its young age, it has managed to make a name for itself in the world of online casino games. Spribe has, thanks to its experience, found a way to dust off this world which is sometimes a victim of its image. He has been able to adapt classic games known by many into online casino games that offer the possibility of winning bitcoin or money. The typical example is the game casinozer mines which itself is inspired by the mythical Minesweeper.

The company’s reputation is growing thanks to its “Probably Fair” certified creations. Among the many games that have made the reputation of spribe, we can also mention Aviator. This is a game in which the player is called upon to place his bet before the plane takes off. It also gives a new look to games such as Dice, Keno or Backgammon.

Other mine games

Here are the other mining games that caught our attention:

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  • Coin Miner mining game developed by Gaming Corps;
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  • Towers;
  • Fury Stairs;
  • Bayraktar;
  • Aztec Gold Mines.


Find in this section the answers to the questions most often asked by Internet users about mining games.



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