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Online Casino Bancontact

Bancontact: Have you heard of the bank card in Belgium?

It is no secret that the vast majority of players use the well-known bank card. Remember that even if the market continues to know a division between the aforementioned card, the Mastercard and the Visa card, there are still other payment solutions that are also very effective. Today we will talk about the online casino Bancontact. This is a payment option that is not found in all countries, but it has a number of advantages and is still very popular.

Many of our fans are wondering what the Bancontact online casino is all about. Find the answers here

If you are one of the people who are familiar with this payment method, you probably also know that not so long ago it was called “Bancontact – MisterCash”. It is considered as the most used payment method by Belgians. They prefer it to other bank cards which are much too expensive. If you don’t know anything about Bancontact online casino, you should know that it is simply a debit card system that Belgians use to make different types of online transactions. Keep in mind that 80% of the online stores that offer their services and products also offer the possibility to pay with Bancontact online casino. Belgian users also have the possibility to make their purchases internationally thanks to the partnerships that the Belgian leader in electronic payment services has established with other giants of the debit card world.

Remember that by reloading your gaming account with Bancontact online casino, you will be entitled to numerous bonuses that will allow you to have certain advantages and to get off to a good start with your different games. For example, by reloading your account at certain casinos with the Bancontact online casino, you will be entitled to a 100% bonus that can reach a total of €500 on your first deposit when you make a minimum deposit of €25. On this warm bonus, the max bet that the casino allows is €5.

You will then be entitled on your second deposit through Bancontact online casino to a 150% bonus offer of up to €250 with a minimum deposit of €25. By making a third deposit, you will be entitled to a 50% bonus of up to €250 when you make a minimum deposit of €25. Keep in mind that your second and third deposits also come with a €5 max bet.

Do you have the option of using Bancontact to make your deposits? Many players use it

Since the Belgian Gaming Commission has control over the world of Belgian online casinos, it is obvious that the Bancontact online casino is one of the most common payment methods. You might be wondering what the maximum withdrawal allowed by Bancontact is. This is a legitimate question, as you could be lucky enough to win big during your games. You don’t have to worry about this. If you cannot find the answer to your question on the gaming platform you have chosen, you can always contact the customer service department for further clarification and answers to your questions.

How to use the Bancontact payment method? Here are the instructions, which are extremely simple to follow

If you are thinking of using Bancontact online casino, all you have to do is apply to an authorized establishment. Please note that most of the time, these applications are addressed to Belgian banks. You will receive the necessary instructions and account information very quickly.

Once you receive your card, you will use it exactly like a Visa, with a code. You will also be able to use it to make your online purchases. Keep in mind that the company has recently revamped itself, offering powerful services via the Bancontact application.

Will French players be lucky enough to have Bancontact France? We have found the answer for you here

We would like to inform you that it is unfortunately not yet possible for French players to make an opinion on the online casino Bancontact if they are residents of France. This payment method is only available in Belgium. In order to have a bank account that works with the Bancontact card, you will need to provide proof that you are a resident of Belgium. If, on the other hand, you are a French player who has registered on a Belgian gambling platform, you have nothing to fear, as there are a plethora of payment methods that are accepted. We advise you to always make a quick investigation of the casinos you have chosen in order to know which one will be the most suitable for making your deposits to the player account you are going to open.

Our opinion on Bancontact online casino

After the numerous analyses of our experts, we can say that the online casino Bancontact is trustworthy. It offers its users the possibility of accessing the different games offered by the game libraries of the different gaming platforms. It also allows them to make their various online purchases more easily. The security offered by the Bancontact online casino to its subscribers also allows them to make their various transactions without the risk of seeing their information and data in danger.

With the many advantages offered by the Bancontact online casino, we can without hesitation recommend it as a payment method for your various online transactions.


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