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Paysafecard Online Casino

Payment Methods / PaysafeCard

Paysafecard is an online payment method that many online platforms use. It allows users to have control over their spending by using the prepaid mode. This wonderful solution which is located in Vienna, Austria is managed by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. Paysafecard is actually a prepaid coupon that allows its users to make online payments when it comes to making purchases of services or goods. It is also a system that is used by many in online casinos. Created in 2000, the Paysafecard online casino aims to allow online payments similar to the cash payment system, without the need to use real money. It was created through the collaboration of four friends. The mission of this system is to offer users a secure, yet simple tool that allows them to purchase a prepaid coupon at one of the many points of sale.

The offer expands in 2002. The Paysafecard online casino is now offered in two different forms, namely the printed voucher form still called eVoucher and the physical card form. It goes even further, as its development evolves in the following years. It is now possible to buy its coupons directly online. It also obtains a European credit called eTEN. At the same time, the system becomes an international means of payment by spreading in a multitude of countries. In 2009, the online casino Paysafecard acquired the ability to offer products from the MasterCard network after obtaining its license. In order to further facilitate access to the system, an application was launched in 2011. As it evolved, a PIN management tool called MyPaysafecard was launched in 2013. Paysafecard online casino introduces in 2018, PaysafeCash which is nothing but a payment method that is based on cash payment.

After adopting several technologies as it evolves, the platform now has a multitude of offers. You just need to buy a PIN code if you want to pay with the Paysafecard payment method. You have the possibility, on the platform, to buy codes ranging from 10 to 100 €. There are more than 650,000 points available to users for their code purchases. Users also have the opportunity to subscribe to MyPaysafeCash for free in order to effectively manage the PIN codes they purchase. This is a personal account that allows users to collect all their codes in one place and use a single username and password to access them. The user also has the possibility to use this account to recharge their Paysafecard Mastercard prepaid card.

The said prepaid card offers the possibility to make online purchases, but also to be used everywhere MasterCard cards are accepted. Among the wide range of products offered, the application is a major one. With the help of the app, the MyPaysafeCard account can be accessed from a mobile device. In particular, it is possible to check the remaining credits. Through the application, users can download PIN codes and find a point of sale without any difficulty.

How do I use PaysafeCard at an online casino?

The online casino Paysafecard offers the possibility to fund a player account. It is necessary that the player has an account on the site. The player must also have credits in the account. If the player does not have any credits, he/she can buy them online or in one of the sales outlets depending on the choice he/she has made. The player is offered the possibility to pay with a coupon, the MyPaysafeCard account or by simply using the Paysafecard MasterCard.

As soon as the page is redirected, the amount to be deposited is indicated and the 16-digit codes are entered in the area reserved for this purpose. The transaction is then validated by the player. The player then has the opportunity to play for real money, as the deposit is made in just a few minutes to the player’s account. Please note that Paysafecard online casino does not allow players to withdraw their winnings from the casino.

The disadvantages and advantages of Paysafecard

The online casino Paysafecard has many advantages that will surely benefit its users. It offers users a very practical solution that prevents them from circulating sensitive data on the sites. All information provided is preserved. Players only spend the credits they have available. This allows them to have total control over their spending and prevents them from going overdrawn. It is also very easy to manage payments through MyPaysafecard. Users are entitled to an attractive loyalty program called MyPlus from this wonderful solution. Each time the user uses the system, this program is automatically activated and offers very profitable benefits.

It is important to remember that the Paysafecard online casino does not only have its advantages. It also has its share of disadvantages. One of the disadvantages and not the least remains the impossibility of making withdrawals. The platform does not indeed have in its offers, the option of withdrawal. It would not be possible for the user who has made a win at a casino, for example, to claim a withdrawal using the Paysafecard online casino. This is unfortunately a point that overshadows the performance of the platform and hinders the users. The system is also no longer available on the French gaming market. Keep in mind that some casinos have been chosen to keep the payment method in their list.

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