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Book of Shadow slot game review

The Book of Shadow slot was developed by the publisher Nolimit City. It became possible to enjoy and play this slot since August 20, 2020. It has been designed in a smart way and is full of options for curious players, who like to dig into the settings. Publisher Nolimit City has once again shown its creative side by coming up with something based on the most popular slot formats. In Book of Shadow, the provider has managed to combine unparalleled originality with the very famous online slot machines with the term “Books”. To attract the maximum number of players, the machine has a huge winning potential of up to 30,338 times your initial bet.

Book of Shadow casino: a dark slot

There are a multitude of themes that can be found in slot machines. The ones that are most often found are the ones with festive and cheerful themes. This is understandable, as there are players who are more attracted to the volatility and performance of the machines. So, whatever the theme of the slot, the most important thing is the profitability and the money. However, we have also noticed that some players are also quite attached to the gaming environment on the slot machine. If the player doesn’t feel comfortable with the design, theme and atmosphere, they could easily be led to turn to another option. Fortunately, there are now a number of different slots available. There are a variety of themes, from the funniest to the darkest.

A prime example is the Book of Shadows casino machine, which focuses on mystical forces and magic. If you’re the kind of person who likes to experience scares and supernatural things, you’ll love this slot.

Book of Shadows casino slot overview

When you are looking for a slot on a slot site, you often come across book slots like Book of Ra and Book of Dead. Let us introduce you to the Book of Shadows casino. This is not a zombie or Halloween slot, but a darker slot with more mystical themes. You will find yourself in a macabre atmosphere with relics that will make your blood run cold. Keep in mind that Book of Shadows Casino has a very high volatility that allows you to win up to 30,338 times your original bet.

How does the machine work?

The Book of Shadow works differently to other slots. It is one of the few machines that lets you select the number of grids you want to play with. You start with a 3 x 5 grid which you can increase to 5 x 5. To do so, you have to pay more. You will get a new line with 1.5 times your starting bet. This way you get a full grid by paying double.

You will also find the Lucky Locks feature which allows you to block a column. You can block up to 4 columns.

The different symbols

Book of Shadows has 11 different symbols, consisting of 5 common online slot symbols and 6 unique symbols. The Book of Shadows itself is the highest paying symbol. Find here, each symbol and its payout value:

Books :

  • 5 identical symbols: x500 starting bet;
  • 4 identical symbols: x10 the starting bet;
  • 3 identical symbols: x2 starting bet;
  • 2 identical symbols: x1 the starting bet.

Girl :

  • 5 identical symbols: x500 starting bet;
  • 4 same symbols : x10 starting bet;
  • 3 identical symbols : x2 the starting bet;
  • 2 identical symbols: x1 starting bet.

Pink Cat :

  • 5 identical symbols: x150 starting bet;
  • 4 same symbols : x9 the starting bet;
  • 3 identical symbols: x1.6 the starting bet;
  • 2 identical symbols: x0.5 starting bet.

Goat’s head :

  • 5 identical symbols : x100 the starting bet ;
  • 4 identical symbols : x8 the starting bet;
  • 3 identical symbols : x1,4 the starting bet;
  • 2 identical symbols: x0.4 the starting bet.
100 €
& 50 free spins de bonus
5.0 rating

On our platform, you will find all the different symbols that you will find in Book of Shadows, as well as their respective payouts.

The different connections of Book of Shadow

You will find a different number of paylines due to the capacity of the grid in Book of Shadow casino. You will have 10 paylines for a 3 x 5 grid, 15 paylines with a 4 x 5 grid and 20 paylines with a 5 x 5 grid.

The different bonuses on this machine

Only when you get 3 symbols on one spin does the bonus of this machine appear. You will then have the possibility to get free spins or to enlarge your grid.

Features of this game

Try the Book of Shadows casino slot for free on our platform by reading our review. Book of Shadows casino can be played in real money and online with bets ranging from €0.10 to €100.00. It has a volatility of 65 and an RTP of 96.01%. To play, you have 20 lines.

Big Win Video

Enjoy an exclusive video created by the provider Nolimit City on Book of Shadow casino. In this video you will discover the features, number of paylines, volatility, as well as the different jackpots and/or progressive bonuses of Book of Shadows casino.

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