Plinko vs Pachinko Plinko - The Crypto Game of 2021

Plinko vs Pachinko – The Crypto Game of 2021

plinko vs pachinko
Pachinko (パチンコ)

Plinko The Crypto Game of 2021

Plinko vs Pachinko – The Crypto Game of 202! Plinko´s roots are deep in Japan, where the original game was invited in the 1920s and the game was called Pachinko (パチンコ).

The game was originally created as a children’s toy that then in the 1950´s it was introduced to the gaming halls in Japan and the mechanics were changed a bit.

The Pachinko game has stayed popular since the 1950s when it was first introduced to the Japanese gambling market.

After 2010 when Crypto Casinos started popping up and became the new thing in the gaming industry and most of them want to be separate and stand out from their competitors, due to this some of them have made their own “In House” games that they offered players.

plinko vs pachinko
Plinko vs Pachinko – The Crypto Game of 2021

You can play Plinko at our favourite Crypto Caisno BetFury, the N.1 Gaming platform with Bitcoin dividends!

How to Play Plinko vs Pachinko?

The game is very simple and it can be why it appeals to younger games, it is actually a ton of fun! The game has three different colours, Blue, Green and Red. That all have different winning values.

The Plinko game
Plinko The Crypto Game of 2021

Once you have chosen your bet and you start the game, the ball corresponds to one of the colours you have picked.

The ball will start bouncing down the spikes and once it falls on the bottom, you will see the win amount on the bottom and you will win this many times you bet.

If you have made a bet with the Blue colour and your ball drops on the far right, you will win 16x your bet.

All you have to do is select your bet and then either the one colour you want to play with or then do like the pros and play with all three balls.

That will increase your chance to win, but it will also eat your gaming budget faster.

The best colour to play with in order would be Red, Green and then Blue. As the Red has the biggest win what is 1000x your bet and then the Green has 110 times your bet and the Blue only has a max win of 16x your bet.

If you do not feel like clicking the Bet button all the time, you can set the game on Auto and this means that the balls will keep on coming until you press stop!

Plinko The Crypto Game of 2021

The Plinko game at BetFury Casino has a Jackpot of 0.19354368 BTC.

Plinko Jackpot
Plinko The Crypto Game of 2021

There is also a Prize pool where you can place a bid and then once the time runs up, the player with the best wins and bets will win the extra pot on the side.

Did you know that Plinko at BetFury Casino can be played with 51 different cryptocurrencies?

At the moment they cover all different cryptocurrencies on the market.

The Plinko vs Pachinko Game Statistics

Min Bet0.00000001 BTC BTC
Max Bet0.02056613 BTC BTC
Max Win 2.05661321 BTC BTC
RTP97.00% – 99.00%
Free SpinsNo
Free PlayNo
Plinko The Crypto Game of 202

Plinko vs Pachinko The Crypto Game of 2021

Now that you know the basics of the game and how it works. It is time to click on the “register” button and create your account on BetFury Casino and start playing the Plinko Game.

This will for sure be a lot of fun and you will be able to increase your Bitcoin stash. If you want to read the full review on Bet Fury Casino, click here.

Plinko vs Pachinko The Crypto Game of 2021

5.0 rating
& 50 bonus free spins
5.0 rating
1 000 €
et 50 tours gratuits bonus
4.8 rating
4 000 €
& 50 free spins de bonus
4.8 rating
& 100 bonus free spins
5.0 rating
2 000 €
& 100 free spins de bonus
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