The Bidule streamer casino comparison

The Bidule streamer casino comparison

For some time now, several establishments have had to close their doors because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These include land-based casinos. In order not to be deprived of their favourite pastime, players have simply turned to online casinos and online sports betting. It is this state of affairs that has brought back to the forefront a very large industry that has existed for many years and continues to make efforts to develop in the digital age. Like all types of industries, online casinos rely heavily on technological advances and the internet to gain a larger following.

To achieve this, these establishments are still using the traditional marketing plans and advertisements that were previously used. In addition to these advertising techniques, these sites are adding other techniques to capture the attention of players. Among these new techniques, we find the use of streamers. For example, here we have the Lucky7bonus from a streamer called Bidule. On the platform, there is a comparison between the attractive free bonuses and the most interesting online casinos. The platform also offers you the opportunity to win various prizes through competitions. We reveal everything you need to know about this site in this article.


What is the identity of the streamer Bidule?

Among the most famous of all the most followed slot streamers, Bidule is the most popular. He is billed as a 23 year old who became a millionaire through his passion for CSGO gambling and online casino games. He now has a multitude of partners, all affiliated with his site, as well as thousands of subscribers who follow each of his streams. It should be noted that Bidule has a Baccalaureate S, and that he had started to take courses in computer engineering which he had to abandon after 6 months to devote himself only to gambling and his YouTube videos.

How did Bidule get started on the internet?

Bidule started his adventure in 2012, when he created his YouTube channel with the aim of posting Minecraft videos in PVP Faction mode. The channel was put on pause after reaching 5,000 subscribers in one year. In 2014, he discovered a new game called Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO. He then discovered through this game, the gambling of skins. The new videos that Bidule posted on YouTube did not reach many people. However, he continued to play non-stop in order to become a real gambling addict. By entering into collaboration with other sites, he starts to earn his first wages. In 2017, he became a millionaire by a stroke of luck and devoted himself completely to his passion. He discovered the extraordinary world of online casinos when he moved to Malta. Already a big fan of gambling, he set his sights on this prolific industry. Noting that the online casino industry is strictly regulated, he made the decision to become a streamer slot player. Having broken the subscriber record with his slot playing skills, he was then approached by a multitude of online casino platforms for partnerships. In an effort to efficiently manage these sites, he created his own in 2019, the Lucky7bonus casino affiliate. Apart from his website, it is possible to find Bidule for ”Best Of” videos on YouTube or for live sessions on Twitch.

Lucky7bonus review comparison

The Lucky7bonus review platform is, in the first place, a tool for users of online casino games. The site offers players the opportunity to compare the best table games and slot machines that can be found on the internet. The site also offers various competitions, as well as casino bonuses that can be found in the best slot games. You will also find online casino reviews that will allow you to know more about a site before you start playing.

Social networks used by Bidule

With the diversity of its activities on the networks, you have several possibilities to find Bidule. With over 167,000 subscribers on his Twitch profile, the streamer is much more popular there with his numerous streaming videos. His YouTube channel, on the other hand, has 69,000 subscribers. There you will find special videos, his Top Win of the week, feats and Best-of’s from all categories. It is important to remember that he started on YouTube.

The streamer can also be found on Instagram where he has 43,000 followers. He does not often post streaming videos, but lifestyle posts. You can follow all the amazing moments he has with his friends. The young millionaire streamer also posts pictures from his daily life.


In the end, we can say that Bidule’s luck continues to change. He has succeeded in showing all the believers and sceptics around the world that it is possible to make money on the internet. It is important to know that even though he is a video game enthusiast, he is also an unconditional lover of gambling. He has not changed and continues to live his life as he sees fit. Despite his wealth, he hasn’t stopped posting videos to inspire other gamers.

Through his Lucky7bonus site, he is able to advise and help other players to find the best games of chance. As the casino world expands, unreliable sites are popping up to scam players. Fortunately for players, there are platforms like Lucky7bonus casino to help them find reliable sites. Taking a cue from Bidule, it is safe to say that these online gambling sites can transform your life.

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